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I have been seeing Dr. Gigi Fykes since 2019 and have appreciated the positive, good help she has given me. I consider her an important part of my health care team of primary care and specialist doctors. They are aware of what each is advising and prescribing. She provides counsel on alternatives and also attention to my diet. She takes into account the whole person and reminds me of the importance of appropriate exercise and breathing, as well as positive affirmations and thinking. She is professional, pleasant and very positive. I enjoy my visits with her and have seen improvements in my overall health and well being. She is responsive to my emails with questions in between visits. I highly recommend her good work.

Ann F. 

I was very pleased with the total package. Everything exceeded my expectations. I will go back in 3 months.
Sharlita D.                                                                                               

Approximate time about 10 to 14 years of working with Dr. G. she is intuitive, extremely knowledgeable, professional and NICE !!!! Edie Hughes
Edith H..                                                                                                  

What I like is that they really care about your health. They are experienced with the information, give clear instructions, and your able to reach when needed.
Arlene F.                                                                                                  

The practitioner Dr. Gigi Fykes, was extremely knowledgeable and made sure we understood the results of the analysis. I was amazed at how much and what type of information was obtained about my health through a hand scanner, which included a list of the nutritional supplements I needed to correct my course towards better health! I strongly recommend this to anyone committed to embracing a pathway to better health!
Mike P.                                                                                                    

Excellent and knowledgeable service! Looking forward to improving my health by working with Dr Fykes on a regular basis.
Julia S.                                                                                                    

They were warm, very professional, and tentative to all my needs and my concerns pertaining to my health. I would recommend them to anyone who want to improve their health, and have a better-quality of life!
Stephen H.                                                                                            

I spoke to Dr.Gigi on the phone and wow!! Very impressive and very knowledgeable! I look forward to working with her. No rush on the call and answer every single question without hesitation.
Gregory T.                                                                                            

I was having issues consuming carbohydrates and sugar. So I decided to try a more natural approach. After some searching I found Dr. Gigi on this Thumbtack service. My first impression of her office was relaxing. My appointment was about an hour, not just 10 or 15 minutes. She took her time and after consulting with Dr. Gigi she recommended I take a Nutrient Deficiency screening along with something called a Bio Survey. The results were amazing and revealed the supplements my body was preferring. She explained that everybody’s body is different and started me on a program customized for me. It seem to address the underlying cause and not just my symptoms. Although she's not an M.D. she was very knowledgeable about the body, supplements and drugs. She gave me more information about the foods I was consuming than any other M.D. I've ever seen. She had such a peaceful demeanor about her that gave me so much hope about my issue. I finally found someone I can trust and I HIGHLY recommend her.
Thomas D.