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Although we are instructed to ware mask, wash our hands and maintain safe distances putting a mask on your immune system is the only sure measure that puts you in control of your health naturally. Not the ever changing mandates and guidelines. (Also see Vitamin D article link above)

The key to winning the battle on viral and bacterial infections is having a holistic approach to health and taking a daily regimen of supplements that are known strengthen your immune system.

“1st signs approach” is when the battle begins. As soon as you notice a slight change in how you feel (tickle in the throat or nose, progressive shadowing headache, chest discomfort or cough and body aches) you should start taking a regimen of supplement known to BOOST your immune system. This will help assist your body’s natural response to fighting invaders. Drink plenty of water, reduce stress. Eat plenty of non-inflammatory foods and get plenty rest. Stay on this regimen for about 2 days after symptoms subside. You will be amazed how this protocol can reduce the severity and duration of the attack. See list of supplements below.

One of the most important things is to know what supplements to take, what quality and what form offers the best results.

See Dr. Gi’s top 11 recommended supplements below;

1. Probiotics
2. Liposomal Vitamin C
3. Opti Zinc
4. D3 (any brand)
5. Nutribiotic’s Nasal Spray Plus
6. Terry Naturally’s Andrographis EP80
7. Olive leaf extract
8. American Bio-Tech Colloidal Silver
9. North American Herbs & Spices P73 Wild Oil of Oregano
10. Natures Plus Herbal Actives Tri Immune

11. Quercetin

here if you’d like an in person or online Immunity Scan to assess your immune system or a private one-on-one overall consultation.

A Holistic Approach To

Compromised Immunity, Viral & Bacterial Infections

Our Advice

Water, sleep, sunshine and exercise, are the most affordable healthy habits one can adopt...

Lessons Learned

You should be living  a W.H.O.L.E. 
life experience. Well, Healthy, Optimistic, Lively and Energetic.
If you're not, something is wrong​


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