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Wow and Thank You!

No words!!!!!! The surveys are in and you were both the stars of the weekend!!! Everyone who attended had nothing by rave reviews!! I cannot thank you enough. THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH! I hope you will consider joining us next year. I will send you the dates as soon as I have them, we will make a decision next week. Again, thank you!
My sincerest gratitude,

S. S.
Community Outreach Director
Jamestown 4-H Educational Center

(Work) xxx-xxx-xxx ext xx
(Cell) xxx-xx-xxxx

Thank you Very Much

I thoroughly enjoyed the boot camp and wish it had been longer! You two have fantastic personalities! Sadly, we live in Midlothian, just west of Richmond, so getting to see more of you will be a difficulty, but I'd love to know if you would recommend a practitioner like yourself in the Richmond area.

Thank you very much!!!
J. W.

PS Thanks for the video, now my family can see why I'm so interested!

The results are in from the Women's Wellness Weekend

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